Friday, October 24, 2014


Is run out of batting!!!  I am getting close but before I am totally out I ordered from JoAnn's, they are having my favorite batting for half off and free shipping.  Here is the link if you are interested.

I love love the Warm and White, my backing fabric sticks to it therefore I have less wrinkles in the back.  It will be safe to say that more often than not I have no wrinkles.  Out of all the quilts I have done this year, I had one wrinkle.

Notice that I waited until I had ordered before I told you....(silently laughing).

Now I am working on these wonderful Island Batiks, using Strawberry Fields Forever.  I am forever in love with these fabrics.  I have four rows now (too lazy to show you) but later...

I think I might have enough fabric to make another row making it four by four.  Then a nice border to make it fit my king size bed.  I think I can do it....I think I can.

So....hopefully, I will not run out of fabric before I accomplish my goal.

I finished this Braid quilt.  It has been in my UFO pile for about two years, maybe a little less but I am so glad to get it done.  Didn't have any fabric for the binding but I made do with a lime green binding.  I think it works.

The winner of Jacquelynne Steve's patterns is 6 Buttons, 
congrats to her and thanks so much for all of the wonderful comments.  Once again most of the comments did not make it to my hotmail in box but I do appreciate you coming by.

Such a beautiful day outside, I just might take advantage of it and go outside and play.

So for this week-end, 
I wish for you a continual flow of fabric and creative juices,
May your batting be enough,
your threads be plenty,
your scissors sharp
and seam rippers dormat!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014



It sure would be fun to win 40 dollars worth of her patterns

Here is the link to my blog where you can sign up to win

Sometimes in life it does seem like it is all about me but it really isn't.  Jacquelynne had done a fabulous job in organizing this blog hop and the BOM and these wonderful bloggers have gone to great extents to put up awesome post for you so get to hopping!!!

Snoodles ~ Lily Pad Quilting
Teresa ~ A Quilt and a Prayer
Sandy ~ Upstairs Hobby Room
Deonn ~ Quiltscapes <

Sandie ~ Crazy ‘Bout Quilts
Deanna ~ Wedding Dress Blue
Barb ~ Mountain Quiltworks
Barb ~ Garden Path Quilts


On another note  Keith has extended the cut off date on his promotion for the Lapel sticks to Oct. 24th.

YOu can go here for the promotion....40 sticks for 50 dollars 

Monday, October 20, 2014


This first picture is my ironing board cover (I know, I should do the walk of shame) head is hanging down as it is.  This cover is only a little over a year old.  Okay...shame on me.

 I purchased this applique pressing sheet at the same time I did the cover hoping to protect it.
I tried it a few times and just put it away thinking it didn't work.  hummmmmmmmmmm  this is where the old dog comes in.

fast forward to a year or so later, I pull out this pressing sheet thinking to just throw it away but thought I would give it one more time.

Did you know that you should let the applique piece cool before taking it off the sheet???  Like I have said before, My mother used to tell me I run off half caulked all of the time.  This is one of those times.

Guess what???  I love love the pressing ironing board cover would have appreciated this revelation a good while ago...hummmm

Any one have a dog bone for me?  I can fetch real good too.

Here are the winners of my lapel stick giveaway

Karen Martin

LeAnn Law

Marilyn Pond

Terry Giet


Gill Watson

Thanks so much to everyone who came by and commented.  If I have not responded via email, I am so sorry, a lot of the comments are not hitting my email box and just happens.

Saturday, October 18, 2014


above is a green

and below


 I am finally out of these squares...  YEA!!!

Then I embroidered this monogram by "Designs by Juju" I just love this one.  The only thing I would do different is use stronger stabilizer or as my sister suggest, used interfacing.  

Friday, October 17, 2014


If you have been reading my post, a while back I went crazy making these blocks....  They just sat there for a while until someone called wanting a baby girl quilt.

Well, here is a blue one, done in swirls because I am tired of meandering.

This is the other half the one I did previously, once again, made too many squares and ended up with enough for two quilts.  The only difference is this one has three rows of gray and yellow binding, the other one was the opposite.
 The quilt below is what got me started again on these squares.  Wanted a tote to ya go!!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

JACQUELINE STEVES BOM - 40 dollars worth of pattern giveaway

I can think of no better way to start the fall season off then a BOM from Jacqueline Steves.

 She is one amazing talent.

  Go visit her website Maybe you can take a peek at her sewing room while you are there

. One of my greatest dreams in life was to be able to sing and draw.

 Can't do either one of them very well so I am just amazed with Jacqueline and her ability to do so.

 Don't know if she can sing but if her drawing is any indication then she can.

 She has the style that I just love and I know all of you would enjoy her BOM.

Here is a peek at her new fabric line!  Don't you just love it?

I know I do.

I asked her what was her inspiration for these fabrics and she said:

"The inspiration for the fabric line came from some flower doodles that I drew, and I thought it would be nice to include some words of encouragement- text and quotes are so popular right now! I decided to include words like faith, hope, love, and joy. For the palette, I was thinking of colors which were sort of cottage-y, cheerful, and just a bit vintage. And of course, it had to include red, my favorite color.
For the block of the month design, I chose flower and bug motifs for applique and embroidery, which refer back to some of the elements in the fabric line. I like to do both applique and embroidery, but I know some people don't like to do either, so I included lots of different options for the BOM design. Hopefully, there's something for everyone!"

Now you know why I just love her work.

The first block for her BOM will be October 27th, won't you join us in on the fun.

This is a free BOM and lots of prizes will be in store as you participate.

You will see the button on my side bar.

Hope to see you there!!!

View JacquelynneSteves_BlogHopGiveaway1.jpg in slide show

By the way you have a chance to win 40 dollars worth of Jacqueline Steves patterns, just comment before October 23 !!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


 I have a baby shower this Sat.

Drab brown bag

Trusty Go Cutter

Animal die

Lapel Stick and here you are...from Drab to Fab!!  Even covered the card with orange fabric...

Here is a burp cloth

Wanted to cover the back

One 6" strip of orange fabric the length of the diaper

rotary cutter

Lapel Stick

Iron (glued the edges under, then glued the strip to the  No gumming of needle, no waiting to dry, no slipping of strip!!

From drab to FAB!!!

Phone call last night saying they needed a pink baby quilt by Sat.

No problem, got these amazing pink squares that I went OCD on when doing a quilt a few months ago.

16 squares sewn together....and you have FAB!!!!  (still have about 40 squares left)

YEA!!!  ME!!!